eCommerce stores have come a long way from the time when a native store would divert the end-user to a payment processor website like PayPal to complete the payment before being redirected back to the website’s order confirmation page. In this day and age, most websites are streamlined to process payments on the fly without the need of having the buyer leave the website. Less clicks means faster checkouts and more sale conversions.

There are three features that an eCommerce store must have in order to convert more leads into sales and purchases. These features are briefly described below:

1. Synchronization of Products Catalogue with Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop and Google Shopping:

The insane amount of website traffic on Facebook, Instagram and Google speaks for itself. With 2.74 billion monthly active users on Facebook, over 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, and an over reliance on Google for searching for products when shopping, it is a no brainer that your eCommerce store products should be accessible through these platforms.

With a correctly setup active connection between your eCommerce store and these platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Google), all your products are automatically visible to all users across these platforms with up-to-date information on product quantities/stock, availability, sizes, colours and more. For more details regarding selling your products on these platforms, contact us.

eCommerce Sync Facebook Instagram and Google

2. Increase the items in the cart through Cross Sells and Upsells during the checkout process and purchase flow:

Who better to advertise more to than someone who already has initiated a purchase flow on your eCommerce store. Cross Sells promotes comparable items to the one already in the cart. These items normally complement each other. Example: Advertise a Coffee Mug to someone who has already added Coffee beans in the cart.  With Upsells, you encourage the user to add another similar item of a higher cost than the one already in the cart. Example: Promote a Smart Watch to someone who already has initiated the purchase of an analog watch. According to Invescpro, cross selling and upselling attributes to about 26% of an eCommerce website’s revenue

upsells and cross sells

3. Ability to discount the cart value using coupons to reward loyal customers and entice first-time buyers:

Everyone enjoys getting a discount or a deal! Money spent in marketing can be equated to money lost in giving discounts. A discount offer works as well as a marketing campaign. A must have feature for every eCommerce store is having an ability to reduce the price of an item of interest by a fixed dollar value or a percentage. This is a good way of keeping your existing customers happy and having them come back for more. It is also a clever way of attracting new customers to your store.

coupon cart

To get an eCommerce website designed with these three must-have features plus extra great features including form-to-email function, Live Chat for customer service, Social sharing & commenting, backend store management and more, get in touch with FullWebSolutions.com – experts in everything Web.

As every business needs are different, we approach each and every website project strategically in order to mesh both its short term and long term goals. Our ultimate goal is to provide clever solutions to everyday problems business owners face. We help businesses manage their day-to-day web related operations, and guide them to get the desired outcome, in the most cost effective and efficient way. Get in touch with us and see what smart and innovative solutions we have to offer you.

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