Over the past few years, a lot of business owners have recognized the need to have their brand present on all sorts of Social Media Platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Business owners have actively posted on their Business pages and learnt several creative ways to keep their followers engaged. Some have even recognized the importance of consistently posting on these platforms to expand their brand recognition amongst users of these platforms, and for the most part, this has significantly helped them market their business – according to a Digital 2020 report, out of the total 4.54 billion people who use the internet around the world, 3.8 billion people use Social Media. Wait! What? What about the 0.74 billion internet users who are not on Social Media? What if your businesses target audience falls within that missing portion on Social Media? This can only mean one and one thing only – you are marketing your brand to people that don’t matter and are wasting your time, money and energy.

The Dilemma:

The only obvious way to ensure an efficient marketing plan is to strategically market your brand in both these avenues; that is, your website and your social media platforms. This way, people that visit your website (and who themselves are not present on social media) are kept up-to-date on your day-to-day activities, just as much as your followers on social media. Unfortunately, doing just that is not as easy as pie. Although, scheduling social media updates can easily be set-up, such updates cannot be easily sent to your website. After-all, there are only so many hours in a day left, keeping aside your business operating hours.

We’ve got a Solution!

The solution that we’ve implemented for most of our clients includes utilizing premium/paid WordPress plugins, that automatically curate and push feeds from your Status Updates, Posts, Photos, Videos and other activities from your Social Media accounts, to your website. This gives you full control of posting what you want and when you want automatically to your website – this way, not only people who follow you on social media see what you are up to, but your target audience that lack any social media presence are also not left behind and are kept up-to-date with your daily endeavors, through your website – this way you can practically reach all 4.54 billion people, who use the internet.

Find out our favourite plugin we use to push Social Media updates to Websites, by unlocking the box below:

Why choose Full Web Solutions?

As our name suggests, Full Web Solutions’ ultimate goal is to provide smart solutions to everyday problems business owners face. We help businesses manage their day-to-day web related operations, and guide them to get the desired outcome, in the most cost effective and efficient way. Are you or your organization facing a web based problem that you would like to be resolved? Get in touch with us and see what smart and innovative solutions we have to offer you.

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