Did you want to appear higher on Google Search results and not sure where to start? This article discusses the important factors that increase the probability of just that – ranking higher on Google Search results. Web Designing has evolved significantly over the past decade with numerous easy-to-use, drag and drop website builders. These user friendly website builders come with a lot of potential if used correctly. A user can launch their website from start to finish in just a matter of a few minutes and clicks – the finished product looks professionally designed! Website launched and and you are all set right?? mmmhh not quite! Launching your website is only the beginning of your journey towards establishing your online presence and discoverability.

It is a known fact that not everyone will remember your website address. The major Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use sophisticated algorithms to list and organize Websites in their database, that make it easier for users (including your prospective clients) to find your website. With the amount of Websites online today, and the speed with which these search engines return the very accurate search results (including fixing spelling mistakes and showing recommendations “Did you mean?”), it is no wonder why almost everyone looks for information online through search engine. [FACT]: The definition of the word “Google” is already available on Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

The the question arises: Should you make your Website user-friendly or Search Engine friendly? The short answer is BOTH! A lot of setting up and coding goes into Web Development that make your website not only user-friendly but also Search Engine Optimized. When your website is designed by a professional developer, you get an added advantage of an array of skills, that makes your website both user and search engine friendly. Whereas user interface is important for your website visitors, search engine optimization is equally important.

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