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Domain Name Registration & Transfer

At Full Web Solutions, we provide Domain Name Registration and Domain Transfer services at a very affordable price with automatic and free SSL Certificates. We also provide DNS Management services and Privacy Protection features for all domains.

What is a Domain and do I need a Domain for my Website?

Absolutely! A Website without a Domain is like a location without an address. Domain is a unique identifiable Web Address for your Website. In order for people to visit your location, you need to give them your address – likewise for people to visit your Website, they will need to know your Website Address (Domain Name). Most professional email addresses use their own Website domain as their email provider (contact@yourWebsite.com)


Why Should I buy my Domain from Full Web Solutions?

Simply put – because you get more bang for your buck! Not only do we offer very cheap prices for various Top-Level Domains (TLD) such as .com, .net, .org, .ca and more, but we also provide many key free and premium features for all our domains.

  • Free & Automatic SSL Certificates (https):

    For starters, while most domain and hosting companies charge an extra fee for obtaining SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), all the domains provided by Full Web Solutions come with Free & Automatic SSL for ensuring authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers – in order words: SSL keeps your Website, our network and your visitors computer very safe! A secure connection domain begins with https:// (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure).

  • DNS Management Services:

    Domain Name System (DNS) allows you to point your Website Address to your Website Server IP address. This is especially crucial if your domain and hosting providers are different. However, if you get both your Domain and Hosting services from Full Web Solutions, we set this up automatically for you and you do not need to take any more steps to ensure your web address points to the correct server IP address.

  • Privacy Protection:

    Just like you get spammed in your mailbox with flyers and papers you never subscribed to, your personal information submitted when registering for a Domain Name can be harvested by millions of salesman and marketers out there who will bombard you with all they’ve got to make a sale. As an added privacy and security feature, we provide a premium privacy protection feature that safeguards your personal information. To have this option, do not forget to add the privacy protection option when registering your domain with Full Web Solutions.


How do I transfer my Domain to Full Web Solutions?

You will need the following from your existing registrar account:
1. Access to your registered email account.
2. Disable Domain Lock and Privacy Protection at your current registrar (can be done by yourself without any requests).
3. Obtain your EPP / Authorization code from your current registrar (can be done by yourself without any requests).
4. Go to our Domain Transfer page.
5. Enter your domain name and EPP / Authorization code.
6. Select any extra features you would like to have such as ID Protection, Email Forwarding & DNS Management.
7. Enter our Nameserver details (found from our cPanel).
8. Complete your order.

Congratulations, you will now have your domain transferred to Full Web Solutions!



Contact Us if you have any questions. We are here to help YOU!