Gone are the days when an online presence for your business was a nice thing to have. According to a recent report by Digital 2020 and hootsuite, it is estimated that more than 4.5 billion people now use the internet. It is therefore a no brainer that your Business does need to have some sort of an identity and presence on the internet, be it through social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter; or through having your own Professional Branded Website – a platform for only you and your prospective customers a.k.a. your audience.

Now that the importance of having an online presence is established, the next question that arises now is “Does my Business need a Website?“. The short answer is YES! Your very own website (example: YourBusinessName(dot)com) shows your commitment and seriousness towards your products, services and brand as a whole! It shows authenticity and ownership and proves that not only you provide your Business services to your customers but also stand behind your Business philosophy with confidence.

Top 5 reasons why your Business needs it’s own Branded Website

1. Custom catered white label branding:
By having your own website, you get your very own domain (Url/Web Address), ideally named as your business. Example: FullWebSolutions.com – a unique domain name that no one else owns. (It is as unique as your very own telephone number).

2. Only your Business on the spotlight:
Unlike business pages created on Social Media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and more, the pages on your website are your own center stage. Your pages are not plastered with random ads on the side that you have no control over. With that, your prospective clients solely focus on how they can benefit from your business, without getting distracted by intrusive ads from your competitors.

3. Professional Email Addresses:
Ever notice how the email addresses used by professional organizations are associated with their web addresses (example: contact@businessName.com). Are you still using gmail, hotmail or yahoo as your business email? You should know that most domain registration companies provide email addresses services that are tied to your own domain name – this by itself is a good reason to own your own domain.

4. Custom tailored colours and design:
Owning your own Website brings with it a lot of control. If you have a good Web Designer to work with, the design possibilities are almost endless. You have the freedom to tailor your Website flow and appearance the way you want. No one knows what works best for your business but you and this advantage puts you on the driver’s seat, leading to more leads and conversions.

5. Your Website, your terms:
By having your own website, you eliminate the limitations that come with other online presence avenues such as social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. You govern all the activities in and around your website that fits your business model. A good Web Designer will set up your own Disclaimer, Policy and Terms & Conditions pages based on your requirements and the nature of your business, including protecting you and your business from any unwanted liabilities.

There are several other benefits of having your own branded business website but in our opinion, the five listed above top the list!

Can you think of any other advantages of having your own Business Website?
Feel free to leave your replies below under the comments section 

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