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About Us

With over 15 years of Web Designing and related services experience, including Domain Name Registrations & Domain Transfers, Cloud Web Hosting & Hosting Migrations, Graphic Designing, Social Media Management & Marketing and Online Advertising, we have a very diverse spectrum of experience, ranging from small projects for individuals to multi-phased large scale projects for organizations. We strive to ensure all your project requirements are accomplished very effeciently and since communication is key in meeting (and exceeding) your expectations, we begin each project with a thorough understanding of your requirements.

We believe that individuals and business owners that need/have a website need to focus their sole attention in establishing their main objective on the front end (blogging, providing details about their businesses and more) while they trust and rely on us to provide them with a complete back end platform to meet the objective. Let us focus on everything that is required to get you online.

Our Services include: Domain Name Registration, Fast Cloud Web Hosting, Web Design & Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solutions and effective Marketing strategies to make you successful.

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How we can help you and your business

1. Web Development and Design

 We specialize in developing powerful websites that range in complexity – from a simple informational page to a fully-fledged online eCommerce store. Feel free to contact us for your website needs.



2. Domain Name Registration and Cloud Web Hosting

For a website to exist – there needs to be 3 ingredients:

a. Domain Name (your website address),
b. Hosting (space where your website is stored),
c. Website Design and maintenance.

For your website (ingredient c. from above) to function efficiently and error-less, it is vital to have a compatible web hosting provider (ingredient b. from above) – that way, you spend no time dealing with website issues (and potentially loss of website audience) and spend all your time focusing on your website objective and sharing your website address (ingredient a. from above) to your followers.


3. Sustainability of your Online presence

Completing to have a website is not the end of being online, but the very start of an exciting journey to an everlasting potential of establishing a huge following (followers and customers).


i. Website Maintenance:

Once your website is live, there may be occasions when you will need to update the very latest information on it. We will help you with the upkeep of your website – whether through a self-serve, easy to use and user friendly interface (without the need to know any programming knowledge) or through a web maintenance service that we take care off ourselves.


ii. Search Engine Optimization:

Being online is only half of the equation. If your website cannot be found by your prospective audience in search results (almost eveyone has “googled” something at some point in their life), then your website will not do you any good. It’s like you have a phone number, but no one has your number – why then would you sit and wait for your phone to go off? We use current industry best practises (since search algorithms constantly evolve) to ensure your website performs well in search results (Google Search, Yahoo Search, Microsoft) using relevant keywords.


iii. Online and Social Media Marketing:

Marketing your website is essential in ensuring your online presence keeps getting traffic. Higher web traffic leads to higher conversion rates (subscriptions, online sales and more). With 2.45 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. Why then would you not harness this rich source of online web traffic. Other popular social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We will help you set up your page on these social media websites and run laser targeted ads to ensure your website acquires a large fan base.

Apart from using these Social Media platforms, we also provide full online marketing campaigns using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.


Contact Us if you have any questions. We are here to help YOU!